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Here are the event winners and runners-up for this year's Mixed Windup spiel, held March 30-31:

  • 1st event winner:  Mark Fenner, Sabrian Okseon, Alex Fenson, Morgan Opp
  • 1st event runner-up:  Bryan Jamieson, Sophie Bader, Scott Bader, Kaitlin Jamieson
  • 2EW: Brian Grabowski, Christy Grabowski, Aaron Knewtson, Mindy Spike
  • 2ERU: Kevin Tauer, Laura Bell, Branden Bell, Jodi Tauer
  • 3EW: Curt Severson, Caela Severson, Ron Paul, Brenda Paul
  • 3ERU: Phil Henning, Leigh Severson, Dan McPeak, Maggie Myre
  • 4EW: Dick Goodspeed, Christine Jensen, Alan Iverson, Jane Goodspeed
  • 4ERU: Dave Wilson, Corryn Wilson, Joe Klancher, Christy Klancher

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