2018 Marvel v DC Battle

We were really pleased to have 24 teams joining us from various clubs in MN, WI, and NY, for the 2018 Women’s Cold Cash Spiel.  The SPCC Bonnie Spielers were also very well represented.  It was a fun weekend made very colorful by the costumes and masks inspired by the theme of DC vs Marvel Comics.  Congratulations to the finalists:

  • 1st event winner: Team Lank - Patti Lank, Tracy Lawless, Kathy Pielage & Susan Dukes
  • 1ERU: Team Rhyme - Kimberly Rhyme, Rebecca Andrew, Katie Rhyme & Amy Harnden
  • 2EW: Team Augustin - Sally Augustin, Jen Vieth, Lisa Spannbauer, & Michelle Beck
  • 2ERU: Team Anderson - Amy Anderson, Johnell Kolve, Michelle Perry & Karen Volkman
  • 3EW: Team O’Leary - Norma O’Leary, Linda Christensen, Mary Shields, & Becky Johansen
  • 3ERU: Team Hultstrand - Marsha Hultstrand, Margie Smith, Debbie Dexter & Peggy Gazzola
  • 4EW: Team McCann - Jean McCann, Nancee Melby, Julie Johnson, & Lisa Beytien-Carlson
  • 4ERU: Team Sigel - Jodi Sigel, Maureen Guay, Marcia Vandersteen & Jaque Brunsberg

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