The circus has left town

The TCCA would like to thank all of the SPCC staff, members & volunteers for another successful Big Spiel. Special thanks to SPCC reps Chuck Donkers and Eric Schultz, for all the work and effort putting this big deal together! And a BIG congratulations to (winner listed first):

The Big Top/Main event:

  • Goodland (Eau Claire CC) - Geoff Goodland, Pete Westberg, Dwayne Jacobsen, Richard Maskel
  • Willmert (SPCC) - Mark Willmert, Chris Dolan, Nick Myers, Brian Sparstad

The Sideshow/2nd event:

  • Smith (SPCC) - Margie Smith, Debbie Dexter, Peggy Gazzola, John Hendrickson
  • On the Rocks (FSCC) - Kyle Blade, Nate Zwonitzer, Michael Lundberg, Kevan Hanson

The Ringmaster/3rd event:

  • Farbelow (SPCC) - Mike Farbelow, Jake Farbelow, Nick Farbelow, Willy Farbs
  • Rausch (SPCC) - Calvin Rausch, Herman Fuechtmann, David Nathanson, John Knetzger

The Highwire/4th event

  • Wright (SPCC) - Casey Wright, Patrick Nyland, Lindsey Paitich, Katie Wright
  • Gau (Durham, NC) - Trevor Gau, Mike Mills, Ben Langworthy, Nick Miles

The Lion Tamer/5th event:

  • Sailor Jerry (Centerville) - Chad Anderson, Cody Trim, Zach Hilton, Kyle Linberg
  • Erickson (SPCC) - Jeff Erickson, Darin Holt, Darren Kress, Tom Pecchia, & Tom Holt

The Trapeze/6th event:

  • Lundbohm (Wauwatosa CC) - Nick Lundbohm, Phil Hansen, Jeremy Rynders, Tony Just
  • Alwin – (FSCC) - Pete Alwin, Bob Alwin, Randy Bergstedt, Chris Yoch, & Rick Stoeckel

The Human Cannonball/7th event:

  • Moore (Heather CC) - Josh Moore, Derek Moore, Nick Steinhaus, Eric Jaeger
  • Hart (SPCC) - Gabe Hart, Steve Rooney, Doug Lieser, Jason Folken, & Jared Moore

The Clown Car/8th event:

  • Ochoco (SPCC) - Jomar Ochoco, Travis Beckerle, Justin Schmidt, Jed Retherford
  • Brown (FSCC) - Sean Brown, Rick Schuster, Mike Amudsen, Lee Scoggin

The Cage Cleaner/9th event:

  • Hogden (SPCC) - Jeff Hogden, Arne Espeseth, Glenn Frederick, Chris Goscinak
  • Sunnarborg (SPCC) - Al Sunnarborg, Mike Triviski, Clay Kirkland, Eric Beastrom

The Circus Bear/10th event:

  • Lemke (Medford CC) - Ryan Lemke, Casey Konopacky, Ash Nelson, Beaner Lemke
  • Ames (FSCC) - Anthony Ames, Brian Terwedo, Matt Neland, Chris Allbee, & Joel Egge

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