Winter Carnival LV

The 52nd annual Super Bowl-themed mixed bonspiel brought curlers from as far as Maryland, Ontario, and Houston, as well as a lot of clever costumes and some great curling. The winners of the costume contest were a familiar name – the Wilson/Klancher rink, who curled as original patriots, complete with a Betsy Ross 13-star flag. Congratulations to the Doremus rink, who took home the prized champion rings!

  • 1st event winners: Doremus rink – Chris Doremus (Houston CC), Callie Dunn, Mike Vosberg, & Amanda Vosberg
  • 1st event runners-up: Murray rink (Sarnia CC) – Sean Murray, Stephanie Senneker, Dan Wiza, & Emilia Juocys
  • 2EW and winner of the pig: Severson rink – Curt Severson, Caela Severson, Ron Paul, and a steady rotation of subs for Brenda Paul!
  • 2ERU: Abraham rink – Dennis Abraham, Meg King-Abraham, Chuck Macomber, & Karen Macomber
  • 3EW: Clasen rink – Chris Clasen Jennifer Maleitzke, Jake Maleitzke, & Tanya Clasen
  • 3ERU: Tauer rink – Kevin Tauer, Laura Bell, Branden Bell, & Jodi Tauer
  • 4EW: Wennberg rink – Dan Wennberg, Julie Wennberg, Dan Ahern, & Jill Ahern
  • 4ERU: Nickel rink (FSCC) – Gabriel Nickel, Kirstin McKeown, Craig Nicko, & Cyndy Jerde
  • 5EW: Kropidlowski rink (Milwaukee CC) – Bob Porsche, Karly Kropidlowski, Dan Kropidlowski, & Donna Porsche
  • 5ERU: Dedolph rink (Mayfield CC) – Doug Dedolph, Eloise Young, Kent Young, & Rita Dedolph
  • 6EW: Bachmeier rink (SPCC/FSCC) – Tim Bachmeier, Lisa Thelen-Bachmeier, Jose Chapa, & Becca Nash
  • 6ERU: Medland rink (Potomac CC) – Kurt Medland, Jeanne Davis, Andrew Gross, & Lisa Gross
  • 7EW: Hammond rink (Chaska) – Todd Hammond, Kate Momsen, Shawn Banyai, & Laura Johnson
  • 7ERU: Augustin rink – Sally Augustin, Al Taylor, Judy Taylor, & Ralph Augustin
  • 8EW: Ewing rink (Centerville CC) – Mark Ewing, Patti Ostrom, Scott Ostrom, & Trudi Ewing
  • 8ERU: Wickmann rink – Mike Wickmann, Megan Reinbold-Wickmann, Scott Christensen, & Annie Himmelsteib

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