Rugg Spiel for Junior Curling

Mike Rugg’s dedication to junior curling was honored again this year, with a 32-team bonspiel raising money for our juniors program. Big thanks to everyone involved, and congratulations to all of the event finalists, which included two father/son teams battling it out in TWO extra ends for the championship!

2018 Rugg Spiel winners

  • 1st Event Winners: Grabowski – Brian Grabowski, Greg Jamieson, Max Grabowski, & Jonathan Jamieson
  • 1ERU: Owens – Zac Owens, Sidney Harris, Reuben Harris, & Sawyer Owens
  • 2EW: Jytyla – Steve Jytyla, Greg Herrick, Jeff Dexter, & Art Jytyla
  • 2ERU: Barnes –Belinda Barnes, Diane Evans, Ron Evans, & Susan Evans.
  • 3EW: Faltesek – Mark Faltesek, Tom Faltesek, Edward O’Keefe, and Luke O’Neill
  • 3ERU: Spragg – Mike Spragg, Tony Haider, Shawn Dooney, & John Hannasch
  • 4EW: Kimmes – Aaron Bommarito, Alex Hokenson, Brian Kimmes, & Andy Hokenson
  • 4ERU: Mrozinski – Tom Froistad, Eric Froistad, Steve Mrozinski, & Ethan Brinager

And the cribbage tournament winner? Dennis Abraham, who generously donated his winnings back to the junior curling program. Cheers!

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