The Goodwill Tour is an annual adventure that does not follow a traditional bonspiel format.  One year gentlemen from the US travel to Canada for curling and camaraderie; the following year our friends to the north come to our great club.  The competition has a point system format similar to the Ryder Cup.  It's safe to say a good time is had by all each and every year.

This year?  The US retained the Pipes Cup!  Overall, that gives the US a slight edge; after 21 years the US has won 11 of those years!  Clearly these teams are well-matched, since this year the Americans won by a single point.  And new this year - our friends from Frogtown joined the fun, including hosting one of the matches!

The 2019 participants are listed below; many are included in the group photo.  If you’re interested in participating in this fine event next year (hosted in Deer Lodge CC, Winnipeg), track down Erik Ordway to learn more.

2019 Goodwill

Mike Bromberg
Jordan Cabak
Brad Clasen
Mark Evans
Howard Fulk
Steve Gebauer
Phil Henning
Joel Herrmann
Chris Jannings
Travis Karlin
Jimmy Kmiecik
Tom Lavin
Mike Macdonald
Chuck McCann
Ted McCann
Jim McMann
Dale Mueller
Erik Ordway
Ron Paul
Tom Pieper
William Rivillas
Curt Severson
Perry Tholl
John Solem
Jon Stolp
Al Sunnarborg

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