To learn more about the St. Paul Men's International Bonspiel, we encourage you to check out the Facebook page "SPCC Men's International Bonspiel" or on Twitter @spccintl.

Congratulations to the 2019 International Finalists:

1st Event Winner - Farbelow (St. Paul)

Skip - Mike Farbelow

Vice - Tim Solin

Second - Randy Cummings

Lead - Jeff Annis


1st Event Runner-Up - Maerki (Chaska)

Skip - Dominik Maerki

Vice - Stephen Dropkin

Second - Shawn Banyai

Lead - Eric Quistgaard


2nd Event Winner - Faltesek (St. Paul)

Skip - Mark Faltesek

Vice - Eric Schultz

Second - Jim Milosovich

Lead - John Eustice

2nd Event Runner-Up - Litman (Duluth)

Skip - Ross Litman

Vice - Mark Hanson

Second - Dave Johnson

Lead - Mike Robb


3rd Event Winner - Agre (St. Paul)

Skip - Brian Agre

Vice - Derrick McLean

Second - Jason Czeskleba

Lead - Joe Heiden

3rd Event Runner-Up Hovland (St. Paul)

Skip - Andy Hovland

Vice - Daniel Townsend

Second - Craig Futterer

Lead - Peter Hovland


4th Event Winner - Froistad (St. Paul)

Skip - Eric Froistad

Vice - Steve Mrozinski

Second - Ethan Brinegar

Lead - Colin Lee

4th Event Runner-Up - Carey (St. Paul)

Skip - John Carey

Vice - Steely Dann

Second - Matt Lahti

Lead - Alex O'Meara


Dex Award Winner

Geoff Krawchuk - Royal City Curling Club (BC)

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