Club Officers

President - Linda Lokensgard
Vice-President - Tim McMahon
Secretary - Brad Clasen
Treasurer - Barb Gutzmer
Past President - Greg Walsh

Note: Minutes from past meetings will be posted to the website.

Board of Directors

Laurie Arnold '17
Ron Paul '17
Liz Willard '17
Craig Zbacnik '16
Jeanie Long '16
Ralph Augustin '16
Margie Smith '15
Clay Orvik '15
Erik Ordway '15

Club Managers

General Manager: Scott Clasen
Assistant Managers: Scott Belvitch, Jim Dexter, Jim Aird, John Solem

Committee Assignments

Building & House - Erik Ordway, Craig Zbacnik
Calendar - Jeanie Long
Finance - Bob Hedstrom, Mike O'Neil, Bob Nelson, Tom Froistad, Larry Satrom, Donn Satrom, Paul Erickson, Barb Gutzmer, Pat Barry, Greg Walsh, Linda Lokesgard, Tim McMahon
Games & Events - Margie Smith, Jeanie Long, Ron Paul
Ice Committee - Aaron Nunberg (chair), Tim Solin, Mike Farbelow, Mareen Stolt
MCA/USCA Representatives - Ralph Augustin
Kitchen - Tim McMahon
Roster - Craig Zbacnik, Clay Orvik
Website - Margie Smith, Meg King-Abraham, Nancee Melby, Barb Walior, Craig Creeger, Ron Paul, Liz Willard, Scott Clasen
Sunshine - Duaine Olson, Judy Taylor
Historian Committee - Greg Walsh, Tim McMahon
Social Media - Laurie Arnold, Liz Willard

Bonnie Spielers

President - Amy Anderson
Vice-President - Tracy Vrklan
Secretary - Karie Pitzl
Treasurer - Heather Getty
Games & Events - Callie Dunn, Jodi Sigel
Members at Large - Michelle Mok, Lisa Beytien-Carlson, Melissa Stemig
Past President - Nancee Melby
USWCA Representative - Nancee Melby

Mixed Club

Presidents - Dave and Corryn Wilson
Vice President - Tom Faltasek
Treasurer -Adam Brodd
Secretary - Joe Olsen
Past Presidents - Liz and Scott Willard

Cairn Lassies

President - Nancy Nelson
Vice-President - Marcia Vandesteeg
Secretary - Karn Haugen
Treasurer - Shirl Chartrand
Past President - Jaime Warndahl
Games and Events - Mary Deuhs

Junior Curling

Lonnie Strassman
Erik Ordway

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