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If you are looking for something that is not on the menu, the chef can create custom selections upon request.

All prices are subject to an 18% gratuity and sales tax.

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Appetizers are a great way to spice up your curling event! Serve them as a prelude to lunch or dinner, or as an entire meal.


Meatballs ------------------- $4.50 per person
A traditional favorite served with Swedish-style or BBQ sauce 

Little smokies in BBQ sauce ------------------- $4.00 per person

Stuffed Mushroom with Italian Sausage ------------------- $4.50 per person
Fresh mushroom cap stuffed with spicy Italian sausage topped with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese

Hot Artichoke & Spinach Dip ------------------- $5.00 per person
Homemade artichoke and spinach with pita dipping bread

Jumbo Chicken Wings ------------------- $6.00 per person
Jumbo chicken wing cooked to crispy golden brown, tossed in your choice of the following sauces: buffalo, jerk, or teriyaki

Egg Rolls with Sweet & Sour Sauce ------------------- $4.50 per person
Pork or vegetarian served with sweet and sour sauce

Chicken Fritters ------------------- $5.00 per person
Seasoned chicken fritters deep-fried to golden brown, served with BBQ sauce


Vegetable tray & dip ------------------- $4.00 per person
Fresh cut medley of cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, celery, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and mushroom caps served with homemade ranch dip.

Assorted cheeses, salami, and herring tray ------------------- $5.95 per person
Sliced hard salami, pickled herring with cheddar, pepper jack, Swiss and Monterey jack chesses. Served with assorted crackers.

Guacamole dip and chips ------------------- $5.00 per person
Spicy guacamole blended dip topped with diced tomatoes, diced peppers, green onions, sliced black olives and fresh-grated cheeses served with tortilla chips

Tortilla chips and salsa ------------------- $4.00 per person
Fresh-cooked tortilla chips with homemade salsa

Jumbo shrimp with cocktail sauce ------------------- $7.95 per person
Jumbo shrimp cooked to perfection served chilled. Garnished with fresh-cut lemons and fresh-made cocktail sauce.

Fresh cut fruit tray ------------------- $6.50 per person
Fresh cut melons, strawberries, pineapple and red grapes

Smoked salmon filet ------------------- $80.00 per filet
Each filet serves up to 20 people, served with cut lemons, capers and assorted crackers



How about some sweet treats with your meal or a half time break from curling?

Tray of double-chocolate brownies ------------------- $2.50 per person

Tray of mixed brownies ------------------- $2.50 per person
Tray of lemon, raspberry, 7-layer and toffee bars

Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies ------------------- $2.00 per person



Add homemade hot soup to meal -------- $3.75 per person

Our soups, fresh-made just for your party, are:

  • Chicken noodle
  • Vegetable beef
  • Cream of chicken wild rice
  • Cream of potato w/ham
  • Chicken tortilla
  • Split pea
  • Hungarian mushroom
  • Old fashion navy bean w/ ham
  • Santa Fe chicken
  • Cream of tomato


GARDEN SALAD ------------------- $4.00 per person
Mixed garden lettuce with fresh tomatoes, diced red onions, slice radish and choice of dressing

CAESAR SALAD ------------------- $4.50 per person
Romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes, kalamata olives, parmesan cheese and herb-seasoned croutons then tossed in our own Caesar dressing



SOUP AND SANDWICH BUFFET ----------- $12.95 per person

  • Your choice of soup
  • 3 kinds of sliced meats ( Ham, turkey and roasted beef)
  • 3 kinds of sliced cheeses (Cheddar, Swiss and pepper jack)
  • lettuce, slice tomatoes and slice red onions
  • mayo, horseradish sauce and mustard
  • ciabatta rolls
  • potato chips


  • Fresh cooked bratwurst
  • All beef hot dogs
  • Caraway sauerkraut
  • Chili out beans
  • Sauté red onions
  • Baked beans with bacon
  • Fresh diced red onions
  • Dijon mustard and ketchup
  • Bratwurst and hot dogs buns
  • Potato chips


  • Pulled pork, chicken, or beef
  • Mini-buns
  • Coleslaw
  • Baked beans

BBQ BUFFET ---------- $15.95 PER PERSON

  • BBQ 1/4 of chicken
    • add $5.95 per person for BBQ pork ribs
  • Baked beans with bacon
  • Country style potato salad
  • Crunchy coleslaw
  • Dinner rolls and butter


  • 100% handmade Angus beef patty
  • All the fixings:  3 kinds of cheeses (cheddar, Swiss and pepper jack), sliced tomatoes and onions, leaf lettuce
  • Ciabatta rolls
  • Herb seasoned oven roasted potato wedges
  • Crunchy coleslaw

TACO BUFFET --------- $12.95 per person

  • Fajitas chicken
  • Seasoned ground beef
  • Hard taco shells
  • Soft flour tortilla
  • Black bean and rice
  • Refried beans
  • And all the fixings: shredded lettuce, dice tomatoes, shredded cheese, diced onions, salsa and chopped cilantro

HERB ROASTED CHICKEN BUFFET -------- $ 15.95 per person

  • 1/4 of herb-roasted chicken
  • Mix rice pilaf
  • Vegetable medley
  • Mix green salad with choice dressings
  • Dinner roll and butter

PARMESAN CRUSTED CHICKEN BUFFET -------- $15.95 per person

  • Parmesan crusted oz. chicken breast
  • Pomodora linguine pasta (fresh diced tomatoes, garlic and fresh basil)
  • Garlic bread
  • Caesar salad


Pasta buffets comes with the following:

    • Vegetable medley
    • Garlic bread
    • Caesar salad

Choose one the following:

Chicken pomodora
Diced chicken, fresh diced tomatoes, fresh garlic and fresh basil tossed in linguine

Baked chicken tetrazzini
Diced chicken, fresh mushrooms, white wine garlic parmesan cream sauce and tossed in linguine than baked until golden brown on top

Chicken Alfredo with broccoli
Diced chicken, fresh broccoli and garlic alfredo cream sauce then tossed with fettuccini.  

** Shrimp can used instead chicken for the above pastas for $19.95 per person **

Spicy Italian sausage penne
Spicy Italian sausage, fresh slice mushroom, diced tomato and garlic in white cream sauce tossed with penne



Steak buffets comes with following:

    • Mushroom bourbon sauce
    • Oven roasted herb potatoes
    • Vegetable medley
    • Dinner roll and butter
    • Mixed green salad

Choose from:

Sirloin steak ------ $ 15.95 per person
This a very tender and tasty 8 oz. steak

Rib eye steak ------- $ 18.95 per person
A 10 oz. hand-cut rib eye steak



All pizza are 12''; serve 2-3 people

  • Cheese pizza ------- $10.50
  • Pepperoni pizza ------- $11.50
  • Sausage pizza ------- $11.50
  • Supreme pizza ------- $12.50
  • BBQ chicken pizza ------- $13.50
  • Muffuletta pizza ------- $13.50


All prices are subject to an 18% gratuity and sales tax.

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