Juniors 2022-23

    SPCC Juniors 2022/23

    Registration Information                                                                                 08/02/22
    St. Paul Curling Club supports curling across all ages, abilities, and curling goals.

    Visit our new website! www.spccjuniorsrock.com

    Junior curling will take place on most Saturdays October 8th 2022 through March 18th 2023.
    Our program offers 3 levels of training for junior curlers as described below.
    If you are unsure of what level your curler should be, please contact

    Zac Owens 651-324-8229 or Geoff Strack 612-490-1175.

    Little Rock Level – approximate ages 6-8 (Novice) 9am – 10:30am
    In Little Rocks, we aim to teach our youngest curlers basic skills by utilizing games with the
    emphasis on having FUN! Coaches start with an energizing warm-up and then head to the ice for
    skills and games that will implement the very basics of curling.
     Great way to start loving curling!
     Learn balance and skills using FUN GAMES!
     Parents are required to stay for practice.
     Curlers can take “mini breaks” if they need to.
     Come 10 minutes early to get geared up and ready to start promptly at 9:00am.
     No equipment needed but a **clean** pair of shoes (a separate pair of “curling sneakers” is
    a good idea if you have them).
     Dress in stretchy moveable, layers of clothing. Gloves are mittens may be needed.
     Not required to attend every session, but for consistency it is recommended.

    There is a comfortable clubhouse viewing area for parents to watch their curlers have fun and be on
    hand for encouragement.

    Bantam Level – approximate ages 8-11 (Beginner/Intermediate) 9:00am – 10:30am
    Within the Bantam Level there are a range of experience levels. New curlers will learn the basic
    skills, balance, safety, etiquette, and some basic strategy. As curlers improve, they “move up” as they
    are evaluated regularly by the coaches.
     For beginner curlers over the age of 8.
     This level is also for intermediate curlers to develop their skills and learn strategy.
     Regularly evaluated by coaches.
     Learn curling etiquette, how to play the game, strategy, timing, sweeping and hone skills.
     Fun drills and game play!
     Set curriculum so curlers can improve consistently and advance more quickly.
     Not required to attend each session, but for consistency it is recommended.
     New curlers parents are required to stay for the first two sessions.
     No equipment needed. SPCC provides sliders and brooms. If you do have your own
    equipment, please bring it.
     Curlers should dress appropriately (no jeans…wear something stretchy but warm). Dressing
    in layers is advisable. Gloves are mittens may be needed.
     If your curler does not have curling shoes, bring **clean** shoes to use on the ice (separate
    pair of “curling sneakers” is a good idea if you have them).
     Practice is 9:00am until 10:30am. Come 10 minutes early to get geared up and ready to start
    promptly at 9:00am.

    There are two comfortable viewing areas. Some parents choose to stay for all practice times as it is
    fun to watch the kids play and improve.

    Most weeks after practice time, curlers will head upstairs for social time (structured) and snacks
    (provided by the SPPC Junior Program). Curling, by tradition, is a very social sport. Attending the
    social time is not required but is a fun way to get to know your fellow curlers. The more friends you
    have, the more you want to continue. This will also help aid in team formation.

    Junior Level – approximate ages 12-21 (Intermediate/Advanced) 10:45am- 1:00pm
    Just like at the Bantam Level, there are several levels within the Junior Level. Curlers will be
    grouped together according to experience so they can receive consistent coaching as they hone their
    skills. Groups will range from more skilled/experienced curlers who just advanced from Bantams to
    curlers who have competed at National Level Competitions. This level is for both recreational and
    competitive junior curlers.
     Set curriculum focusing on specific skill(s) each week.
     Fun drills and game strategy sessions will be utilized to keep the interest level high!
     On special Saturdays, we will have guest coaches come in and teach their specialty skill(s).
     Opportunities for extra independent practice ice after the practice sessions on some
     Announcements and official start time is at 11:00am. Please arrive 15 minutes early so you
    can stretch, warm up, socialize, and prepare to listen to instructions promptly at 11:00am
    before heading out on the ice.

    Most Saturdays after practice, Junior Level curlers will head upstairs for social time (cards, games)
    and snacks (provided by SPPC Junior Program). Get to know your fellow SPPC curlers! The more
    curlers you know, the more opportunities you will have to play (or something like that).

    During practice times for all levels, there will be coffee upstairs for parents. Most Saturdays, there
    will be parent led roundtable discussions. Parents are their kids’ best advocates. Team formation
    and other vital information is shared during this time that will aid in advancing your curler. Don’t
    know about competitive curling? Stay and learn more. Parent liaisons will be on hand most
    Saturdays to answer any questions. If we don’t know…we will find out for you!
    For Bantams this year, our parent liaisons will be aiding in the process of finding kids teammates
    and walking parents through the process of registering for and competing/preparing for junior
    bonspiels. We will keep you abreast of any upcoming junior bonspiels too.

    We have many other opportunities planned for the year and will keep you up to date and informed
    as they arise.

    2022-2023 Schedule
    Visit our website at  www.spccjuniorsrock.com

    Each Junior curler will receive a SPCC Hoodie as part of their Juniors registration this year. Get
    your kids hooked on SPCC!

    SPCC Juniors Hoodie

    Not Sure? Try It Out!
    Not sure if your kid will like curling? Try it out for no cost the first time!

    Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register for your free introduction session or if you have any
    questions. You must register before the Friday of a Saturday practice.
    First time curlers will be able to try a whole practice session with coaches and other beginner curlers.
    Parents will get one-on-one information from a parent liaison. Parents will be required to stay.

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