2018-19 End of the Season News

Did you miss the managers party and club championships on April 15th?  A brief recap:

Championship Results:

Club Championship:  Ruohonen defeated Cerkvenik

  • Ruohonen rink:  Rich Ruohonen, Mark Willmert, Andrew Puleo & John Johnson
  • Cerkvenik rink: Steve Cerkvenik, Paul Cerkvenik, Wayne Vespoli & John Kuronen

A-Flight:  Hovland defeated Hedstrom

  • Hovland rink:  Andrew Hovland, Desmond Kilcoyne, John Hovland & Nicholas Elfering
  • Hedstrom rink: John Eustice, Bob Hedstrom, Eric Schultz & John Zimmermann

B-Flight:  Dolan defeated Nelson

  • Dolan rink: Chris Dolan, Darin Holt, Tom Pecchia & Dale Webb
  • Nelson rink: Bob Nelson, Tim Lindgren, Dan Frey & Steve Meyer

C-Flight:  Lickteig defeated Metcalf

  • Lickteig rink: Tom Lickteig, Troy Lockwood, Todd Thomas & Mike Spragg
  • Metcalf rink: Dan Metcalf, Tom Conroy, Jeff Dubois & Kenneth Judge

D-Flight:  Bauer defeated Ernster

  • Bauer rink:  Paul Bauer, Dan Dickinson, Tedd Cheney & Robert Hennelly
  • Ernster rink: Bob Ernester, Bob Reichenbach, James Guhl & Al Zdrazil

Mixed: Severson defeated Owens

  • Severson rink: Curt Severson, Caela Severson, Ron Paul & Brenda Paul
  • Owens rink: Zac Owens, Liz Owens, Aaron Nunberg & Jen Kamarainen

New Board Members:
Congratulations and welcome to the newest members of the board:

  • Chuck Donkers
  • Julie Smith
  • Don Pitlik

And a big thank you to out-going members Donn Satrom, Pete Westberg, and Kristin Lovejoy!

Honorary Lifetime Member
John Armstrong has been a member of the SPCC for 54 years.  He represents the third generation of a curling family that now includes a fifth generation of curlers.  He served two terms on the SPCC Board of Directors, has chaired both the Kyle Satrom and Winter Carnival bonspiels, and was the 2008 recipient of the Larry Pieper Service Award. He has spent the last several years as an on-ice instructor for our corporate rental groups.  Congratulations, John!

Larry Piper Service Award
Rich Fitzgerald has been a regular on the Tuesday Night Work Crew for many years.  He is the club's first 2nd-generation recipient of this prestigious award.  He has a knack for finding the most efficient and cost effective way to complete a complicated project, and he has all the tools necessary to complete the task.  Congratulations, Rich, and thank you!

St Paul Cash Spiel - October 5-7, 2018

The St. Paul Cash Spiel is back!  We are doing something new this year:  partnering with the Lupus Research Foundation (LRF).  You may have heard of it; the LRF is home to Lupus Spiel USA.  The mission of the LRF is to help find a cure for lupus by raising funds for lupus research and by raising awareness.  Sponsorship opportunities for the St. Paul Cash include contributing to the spiel itself, and a portion going towards the Lupus Research Foundation.  It’s a great opportunity to give back!  

The administrator of the spiel this year is Todd Birr.  To register, please register your team on the WCT at:  www.worldcurl.com   Then, come back to the SPCC site to pay for your registration online.

For more information:

About the spiel:   www.facebook.com/pg/StPaulLetsCureLupusCashSpiel 

About the Lupus Research Foundation:  www.letscurelupus.org 

The LRF is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, EIN:  81-5446248

St Paul Curling Foundation

The St Paul Curling Foundation (SPCF) is now open for business.  Members have often asked if they can make tax-deductible contributions to support SPCC and now they can.  The SPCF exists to raise money for the Foundation's various supported causes, including junior curling, curling education, and the historic preservation of the St Paul Curling Club.  Eligible parties can apply for funding from the Foundation, and anyone can contribute to these causes by donating to the Foundation.  Donations can be made by credit card or PayPal, by leaving a check at the club, or by contacting your financial institution to perform a bank transfer.


To find out more about the St Paul Curling Foundation, please visit their website.


2018 Club Playdown Results

Congratulations to the following teams on winning their respective brackets in the 2018 SPCC Club Playdowns!


  • Club Championship -- Team Beadle over Team Stolt
  • Competitive League Champs -- Team Stolt over Team Meyers
  • A Flight Champs -- Team Jytyla over Team Hovland
  • B Flight Champs -- Team Gartner over Team Barisoff
  • C Flight Champs -- Team Satrom over Team Cerkvenik
  • D Flight Champs -- Team Eliason over Team Quinn
  • Bonnies A Flight Champs -- Team Armstrong over Team Dunn
  • Bonnies B Flight Champs -- Team Rachu over Team Powers
  • Bonnies C Flight Champs -- Team Matthews over Team Orvik
  • Mixed League Championship -- Team Abraham over Team Faltesek


Larry Pieper Award & new board members

The end of the year meeting was held on Championship Saturday, April 14th.  Full minutes will be posted under the Board minutes section, but we also want to highlight the service and recognition of some of our many volunteers:

Board of Directors

Congratulations to the newest members of the St. Paul Curling Club Board of Directors:  Howard Fulk, Jim Milosevich, and Pete Stolt.  They will each serve a 3-year term, replacing outgoing members Theresa Hoffoss, Clay Orvik, and Rik Pohlman.  Huge thanks to those three for their 3 years of excellent service to SPCC.

We're also bringing in a brand new set of executive officers for next season.  Ron Paul ascends from VP to President, Erik Ordway takes over as Vice-President, Mike Spragg becomes our Treasurer, and Keith Peacock takes over as Secretary.  They're replacing outgoing President Tim McMahon, long-time Treasurer Barb Gutzmer, and former Secretary Brad Clasen.  Many thanks to them for their years of service and tireless dedication to our club!

2018 Larry Pieper Service Award Winner (speech given by President Tim McMahon at the meeting)

The Larry Pieper Service Award is one of the most treasured awards given out at the St. Paul Curling Club. For those of you that didn’t know him, Larry was a heckuva guy. He had a great mechanical mind and spent countless hours volunteering at the club at a time during the ‘70s and ‘80s when major renovations were necessary. He was a charter member of the Tuesday Work Crew. Since his passing in 1998, the club has selected one member annually to receive an award in Larry’s name who best exemplifies the volunteer spirit at our club. This is the 20th year this prestigious award is being presented.
This year’s winner is like many here today, he grew up on da Range (in Hibbing) and ended up in St. Paul, where for many years he owned and operated a remodeling business. He became a member here in 2006 and was a valued member of the Ice Crew from the get-go.
When the opportunity presented itself three years ago to take over as ice maker, this guy latched on to it and began making some of the best ice this club has ever had. He has great ideas and is always looking for ways to maintain our equipment and machinery without costly replacements. It is that good Slovenian/Ranger common sense that we value so much.
He is always thirsting for knowledge and striving to get better. Proof that an old (middle-aged) dog can learn new tricks! He keeps a positive attitude even though he has to keep good ice for 1200 members playing roughly 3500 games in a season – plus clinics and groups that tend to beat the tar out of the ice. Yes, he may be a paid employee at the club, but the guy is always on call and puts in a ton of hours. I think he keeps a cot in the basement. I hope he doesn’t use this against us in his next contract negotiation.
It is my pleasure to announce this year’s Larry Pieper Service Award winner, Mr. Craig Zbacnik!

Canadian American Goodwill Spiel - register now!

Canadian American Goodwill 2018

67th Annual

hosted by

SPCC and Frogtown CC

Nov 30 - Dec 2, 2018

Registration is $120 per person. 

Space is limited and open to any curling club members, men only, minimum 21 years old 

To view the flyer and print the registration form - click here



2019 Spring League Registration

2019 Spring League registration is now open. Leagues are casual with a mix of St. Paul Members and novice curlers. Everyone is welcome. Leagues will be Monday, Wednesday or Thursdays at 6pm or 8pm. Leagues begin the week of April 15th and last for 6 consecutive weeks ending May 23rd. Mixed Doubles will be the Wednesday 8pm draw. Cost is $135.00 per curler. Each curler needs to register and pay online. New curlers will need to register as a new user. When your access is approved, please log into the Members Area and begin the sign-up process. You can then register as a team (everyone must register to complete the team) or as an individual. We will do our best to place individuals on a team. Space may be limited. Registration link below.

If you are new to curling, make sure to bring along a clean pair of indoor tennis shoes and some flexible pants to curl in, and dress for light physical activity in 45 degree temperature.  The club will have brooms and sliders for you to use on the ice.

Spring League registration



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