Dues are calculated as follows:
All members will pay base dues of $160.00 ($80.00 if you are a full-time student); leagues dues are then ADDED to the base dues per the table below.

Dues are payable at the time of registration.  Dues should be paid no later than your first DAY or EVENING of curling.  Members in default of dues payment will forfeit their curling and club use privileges.  

Payments options are Cash, Check, Visa, or MasterCard.

Bonnie Spielers, Cairn Lassies, and Friday Mixed may collect nominal individual club fees separately.

Membership Dues Description Dues
Basic Club Membership Fee
  - includes USCA* dues ($34), MCA dues ($3), building surcharge for capital improvements ($25) and voting rights at SPCC**
Junior & Full Time Student Club Membership Fee
  - includes USCA/MCA* dues and voting rights at SPCC**
Junior Saturday-Only Curler 0.00
Freelance / Sub Curler
  - includes SPCC Membership, USCA/MCA* dues, building surcharge for capital improvements ($25), and voting rights at SPCC
 Social Membership - no voting  45.00
 Social Membership - voting (must be a minimum 5-year member of the SPCC)  65.00

League Dues Description


Per Mixed League (Fridays) 160.00
Per Evening Open League 160.00
Per Day League (Cairn Lassies or Wednesday 11:00am Only) 120.00

Locker Rental


* Click here to see full USCA Dues Schedule

** Membership dues do NOT include any individual LEAGUE dues.


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